An article by: Tommaso Baronio

Why does Musk always need to be in the news? No, he does not want to run for US President, but this self-worship is vital for his company to continue making billions.

What is in Elon Musk’s head?

Why does the richest man on the planet always try to create chaos in Twitter with politically incorrect posts, cage-fight offers to his opponent Mark Zuckerberg, and memes against the democrats?

What is his goal? Why does he always want to be in the news? Why does he visit Italy to talk to Giorgia Meloni?

The first answer that comes to mind is simple: next year, the USA will face the presidential election, and he plans to run as a candidate.

This could seem logical, but the Tesla patreon can’t do it. The American Constitution states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President. So, take a guess, where was Martian Musk born? In Pretoria, South Africa. He is ineligible to run for President, and he can’t even try as Vice President for his friend Ron DeSantis who officially started his run on the disastrous live broadcast on Twitter.

At present time, Musk occupies the position of the founder, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX Aerospace Company, the founder of The Boring Company, the co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI, the CEO and product architect of the multinational automobile company Tesla, the owner and chairman of the board of Twitter, and the co-founder of PayPal.

His rise to success was paved with wild promises that were never fulfilled: the desire to colonize Mars or create a completely self-driving automobile.

Nonetheless, with constantly raising standards, we cannot deny the fact that Musk has accelerated the world.

In the essay The Domination of the 21st Century, Alessandro Aresu brilliantly writes on this issue: “Musk’s worlds depend on the attracted talents, on the constant recharging of his own myth, on the ability to balance the company structure on the razor edge. And all of this, on the technological, engineering, and commercial forefront, at some point brings political consequences. But the Tesla-SpaceX galaxy cannot get along without people.”

Musk has built a church, a self-cult, which is vital for his business that continues to bring billions. This is where his pranks, bragging, and handshaking with politicians from the East and the West manage to fit together, forming one whole picture.

Elon tends to influence the elements of US politics that, according to him, harm his companies. His worlds move through agreements, contracts, political connections, ports, legislation, and business needs. These worlds cannot survive without crude products, geographical presence, material handling, integration, and relationships with governments.

A South African could not become a champion, a Martian, if he didn’t go into politics. And occasionally there is the need to walk on an extremely thin line to practice politics, especially if it is vital to maintain good relations with China in the midst of the trade war. Musk is a large foreign investor in the country and has become the favorite foreign capitalist of the Communist Party. The reports were problematic and strongly criticized by the Congress politicians.

And what about the other Musk? The one who has 145 million subscribers in Twitter? The one who constantly publishes goliard and aweless content?

The reality often happens to be much more disappointing than all the plots that we build for its implementation. And in this case, it can be explained as simple delusions by the richest man on earth. What is the purpose of being the richest person in the world, the genius of the 21st century, unless you are always in the spotlight, like a real celebrity?

“Why does a serious person with serious ideas get indulged in stupid Twitter games that could be costly for his subscribers?” asks Roula Khalaf of the Financial Times during a lunch with the billionaire. “Aren’t you entertained?”

He replies, “I pretend to be a dummy in Twitter and often shoot myself in the foot, creating all kinds of problems… I don’t know, I just find self-expressing in Twitter to be vaguely therapeutic. This is a way to get the information across to the public.”


Tommaso Baronio