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Expert Paolo Selmi has written for Pluralia a detailed and timely reconstruction of what happened in Dagestan on the evening of October 29. The protest against the passengers of the flight from Tel Aviv was clearly organized and planned. Following a consolidated model of crowd sentiment formation


I am putting in order the topics and facts that I reported in those troubled days, focusing on the dynamics of what happened on October 29 at the Makhachkala airport in Dagestan, Russian Federation, which was stormed by a crowd of angry local residents, coinciding with the arrival of a plane from Tel Aviv. The authorship of this event is openly claimed by Dagestan Morning, a pseudo-extremist-religious-patriotic group… which soon turns out to have its hands strewn with stars and stripes and which is based in Kyiv: overall, in fact, all the ingredients were here…

“Were” because… the culprit died! The Dagestan Morning telegram channel was closed a few days after the incident.

Therefore, you will still find sources collected and quoted by me with the utmost rigor, and also available to everyone just a few weeks ago. Indeed, the very fact of their collection today, when the channel is closed, represents the exact and detailed accusation, which those who closed the channel wanted to make impossible.

Brief reconstruction of what happened

On October 29, I came across a new information bubble. It was impossible not to notice, it was impossible not to be amazed by the topic and its geographical location: riots on the streets, more precisely, at the airport… in Dagestan. I immediately tried to delve deeper into this “bizarre” riot of civilians who flocked to the airport by the hundreds to stop and prevent other civilians from getting off the plane, the latter coming from Israel. It was not difficult to identify the instigator, or rather, the puppet master of this action: all roads led to the aforementioned Dagestan Morning channel. In the Islamic-majority Russian republic, where most of the population is currently, to put it mildly, hostile to Israel for its daily slaughter of Palestinians, it actually didn’t take long for a spark to set the prairie on fire. I started surfing their channel: already after midnight on October 28, the first messages addressed to “our” people begin: “Assalamu Alaikum” and informs about the flight that will take off from Ben Gurion Airport (TLV) towards Uytash (MCX), calling on everyone to leave at seven in the evening to “meet” the flight, i.e., not to let anyone go.

We cannot know where this Ukrainian channel, supported by American intelligence services, learned about this news. We are talking about sins, but not about sinners.

The night from the 28th to the 29th then continues, inflaming anti-Russian hatred, calling for anti-Semitism. At one o’clock in the afternoon, the channel goes out with a call to all Muslims of Dagestan to stop the arrival of Israeli citizens to their country (that is, Russians who emigrated to Israel from Dagestan several years or decades earlier and now consider it safer to return to Dagestan).

Thus, the channel openly incites hatred towards the residents of Dagestan, saying that there should now be no place for these Dagestanis of the Jewish religion, that they are equal to those who are now killing Palestinians. The Dagestan Morning agitators insist on this. They are probably getting feedback from their destination, “feedback” the way English speakers define it, that the cause is catching on and, unlike a year of empty words aimed at revolting against the Russians, can now take root.

So, at two o’clock in the afternoon, there was another call to “not give up” and go to the airport at seven in the evening, and nevertheless, let’s remember that Maidan also began this way. Everyone is having a “date.” History should have taught us something. Definitely so, otherwise all this wouldn’t happen, no.

Sketch at 15.50 and further call for concentration at 19.00.

16.01 First message to protesters with general instructions.

16.22 Second message to demonstrators with detailed instructions.

16.38 Third message to demonstrators with detailed instructions.

The focus is immediately on what to do and what not to do, and not on a “poetic” yet unsuccessful vision of a revolt that becomes a rebellion, but on specific operational methods to achieve specific goals – real, detailed instructions for urban warfare.

At that moment, these one hundred demonstrators (remember, out of a total population of three million two hundred thousand inhabitants) stormed, in accordance with the above operational instructions, the capital’s airport, entering the runways and surrounding the plane.

“Coincidence,” just in time, Zelensky, who at that moment had nothing to do except read Russian and Dagestani channels, learned about the unrest and ranted from his website, posting a corresponding “special” post:

This is not an isolated case, but “part of the widespread culture of hatred towards other peoples in Russia”… “propaganda of state television” (aha!).

Having provoked the actions of one side, reap the benefits of the other!

I am sincerely sorry, even today, returning to these records, for those three million two hundred thousand Dagestanis who at that moment, because of rotten apples, became “part of the culture, widespread in Russia, of hatred towards other peoples.” Those who, paradoxically, received incitement of anti-Russian hatred every day through this criminal channel. And now anti-Semitic. But obviously, for the West there is a right and a wrong hatred… and the one against the Russians is always right.

Back to the news.

23.00 The Mufti of Dagestan Akhmad Abdulaev intervenes, calling on the believers to calm down, after which, activating the psychological mechanism ubi major minor cessat, demonstrators begin to return to their homes. For the authorities, the activation of the ubi maior major ceasefire mechanism was necessary because of the very approach to action: Islam against the rest of the world, Islam is threatened by the rest of the world.

To stop this, it was necessary to refute this distorted vision of Islam by contrasting it with the only Islam present in Dagestan. The one who shows his face in mosques every day. This is a religious authority recognized by all believers in Dagestan.

So it was. Given the bad parade, the fake channel begins to go on the defensive.

23.55 The first news, obviously, is the denial that they are in Kyiv and that they are being “maneuvered”… no… they are the true soul of Dagestan, repressed by the Russians, the “yahuds,” the whole world, which want to turn Dagestan into a new Palestine. Then stating again – as if it was required… – about the channel’s subversive goals.

00:06 Telegram is blocked throughout the Caucasus! (only available using VPN disguise…). So, trying to play in their favor, the editors conclude: “they are afraid of us.” In fact, this is not “fear,” but the best indirect evidence that the channel is not broadcasting from Russia! If it had really accidentally happened to be in some middle of nowhere in Russia, then by 00:06 they would have been in another place, not grinding their fingers against the keyboard but behind comfortable bars.

The reprisal against the mufti begins: kill the major minor cessat, all the believers listen to him.

The strategy here is exactly the same as the Ukrainian one. Is the religious power working against us? Down with the mufti. The mufti is illegitimate, he is paid. Even the President of Dagestan Melikov intervenes, declaring that the airport will resume operations in two or three days, 150 participants have already been identified, and 60 arrested, two police officers out of the nine injured are in the hospital. Finally, the site’s attempt to give continuity to this action failed, convening on the 30th a huge demonstration itself, which was supposed to be supported by “true Muslims,” “brothers of Ingushetia, Chechnya,” etc…

Arm yourself and go… Tomorrow at eight, everyone to the square! Only to later realize that the square is empty and reschedule the mega-rally for Thursday, November 2… the mega-rally was postponed… and was finally lost in the autumn fog.

Dagestan Morning: Ukrainian channel “since 2022”

Since the site claimed that it was not Ukrainian, that these were all Russian inventions, I had time to get to the bottom of this issue and find answers to the question by checking them personally, before the site was closed.

Indeed, a very short test: the web remembers everything, or almost everything. You just need to know how to search. And Killnet hackers know how to search, and they are good at it. On September 26, 2022, more than a year ago, a composite photo was made of it, restoring its so-called “properties,” starting with the IP address.


The following data makes it possible to trace this IP address to Ukraine:

UA: Mozilla/5.0…

Country: Ukraine

Region: Kyiv

City: Kyiv

Provider: Kyivstar

All I had to do was check through this site. The above IP address is, and the same result.

Among other things, we note how this IP address, which the utro_dagestan (Dagestan Morning – ed.) channel refers to, was created in 2012. When they tried to do in Kyiv what we saw yesterday in Dagestan, the attempts ended with the Maidan and the immediate subsequent coup by the CIA.

What does it mean? That long before Maidan 2014, or better yet, between Maidan 1 (2004), the first so-called “Orange Revolution,” and Maidan 2 (2014), Washington’s long arm was not only well established in Kyiv by then, but also ever since, its goal there has been to destabilize the Russian socio-political space through targeted psychological warfare initiatives. And it began to “move forward” by registering sites that could later be useful.

Killnet hackers entered on the same day, 26.09.2022, and found funding for this channel through the blockchain (virtual currencies that are used to transfer clean and dirty money, and speculations are generally carried out on the exchange with no control over this, another, “free currency”): five billion rubles of funding for this channel from March 22 to September 22, 2022!

An amount equal to fifty million euros (50,911,260.15 euros) … “strangely” almost completely disappeared from this account, as hackers noticed.

And what happened in those days when Killnet decided to sum up the results of the Telegram channel in Dagestan? Street riots, for a change! For variety, always encouraged by this channel.

Paolo Selmi