Agrovoltaics: Study Estimates 51 TW Potential for EU.

Agrovoltaics can produce 51 TW of power, i.e. 25 times the current electricity demand in Europe. This follows from a research article titled “Comparative analysis of photovoltaic configurations for agroelectric systems in Europe” by researchers Kamran Ali Khan Niazi and Marta Victoria.

Agrovoltaics is an innovative system for integrating agriculture with photovoltaic panels, which intends to introduce green energy production without compromising space or hindering – and potentially even helping – agricultural production. It is a system that, after refinement, can minimize soil and water consumption.

The study was focused on three types of photovoltaic installations: stationary with optimal tilt, vertical double-sided, and single-axis tracking.

The results of the study led to the definition of an ideal single-axis vertical tracking system, as it produces a more uniform eradiation on the ground, while its capacity will be equal to 30 W/m2. This served basis for calculating a model that determines the potential of agrovoltaics for each region of the European Union.

Although suitable areas are very heterogeneous across European countries, the potential is huge: 25 times the current demand for electricity, i.e. a potential of 51 TW with an electrical efficiency of 71,500 TWh/year.