Aid by Sea from Cyprus to Gaza

A ship carrying 400 tons of food has left the port of Larnaca, Cyprus, and will arrive in Gaza early next week.

This is the second ship in two weeks to leave the Mediterranean country to bring aid to Gaza, whose population is living in desperate conditions due to Israeli military pressure since October.

The ship is carrying donations from two non-governmental organizations: Spanish Open Arms and American World Central Kitchen (WCK). According to Reuters, Cypriot authorities, in cooperation with Israel, have established a sea corridor to facilitate pre-sorted cargo arriving directly into Gaza.

The first ship to arrive in the seas surrounding the Gaza Strip unloaded humanitarian aid using a makeshift dock made of rubble and crushed stone. This convoy will also deliver equipment to facilitate future shipments by sea. The United States, on its part, plans to build an actual floating dock off the coast for more efficient logistics to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip.