Australian Company Reopens a Gas Field in the Po River Valley

The Selva Malvezzi gas field in the Po River valley is being reopened in the Bologna province. Notably, the Eni company refused to do it in the 80’s. And today it is being reopened by an Australian company cooperating with a British partner. This is Po Valley Energy company of Mount Pleasant, Western Australia, with branches in Rome, that recently announced its upcoming return to production at this field.

“Po Valley Energy Limited is happy to announce that the safety tests conducted by UNMIG and the fire department were successfully completed,” the company statement says. “In addition, the Italian Ministry of Energy (MASE) released official documentation that allowed to start production at the PM-1 factory, 63% of which are owned by PVE.”

The company declares that as soon as the remaining documents are processed, it will start gas production as early as July this year.

“The board of directors is very pleased with receiving all necessary permissions for gas production,” explains Kevin Bailey, Chairman of Po Valley. “Although the problems related to recent floods caused some delays, we are ready to start the work promptly.”

This operation may be good news, considering the continuing search for alternative sources to the Russian gas supply, but at the same time, as far as we know, the volume of gas that is still present in the Po River valley is likely to be insignificant.

Additional information will become available upon the actual start of operations.