Bennet, First Democratic Senator to Challenge Biden

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is attacking and pushing for a new debate as soon as possible

Michael Bennet, 59, a Democratic senator from Colorado, is the first among his party colleagues to publicly question Joe Biden, even if he’s not explicitly asking for his resignation.

Biden, who has said several times that he wants to keep his candidacy for the November 5, 2024 presidential election, despite his performance that many even called “confusing” in the first debate against Trump, which aired on CNN on June 28. His performance caused panic among Democrats, but few actually favored changing the nomination. In a meeting with Democratic governors at the White House, they reaffirmed their support for the president, and Democrats in Congress did the same.

Bennett told CNN that he expects a clear victory for Donald Trump: “I think Trump is on track to win this election, and probably win by a large margin, and take the Senate and House of Representatives with him.” And more: “For me, it’s not a question of polls. It’s not a matter of politics. This is a moral question about the future of our country. The White House, after this disastrous debate, has done nothing to demonstrate that it has a plan to win the election.” “The stakes couldn’t be higher,” concluded Bennet, who also communicated the concerns of his electorate.

Of course, all eyes will be on Biden when he holds a press conference Thursday afternoon after the NATO summit in Washington, DC. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is taking the next step by loudly demanding a new debate as soon as possible.

“I call on ‘crooked’ Joe to immediately hold a new debate against me,” the tycoon said at a rally in Florida. “They’re in chaos,” clearly referring to Democrats. And Trump has not even spared US Vice President Kamala Harris, the favorite to replace Biden if he eventually leaves. “She also has cognitive problems,” the former president said, “she’s worse than he is.”