Biden Doesn’t Give Up: “Challenge Me at the Convention.”

It’s been more than 10 days since the CNN debate in Atlanta, in which Trump and Biden confronted each other and in which the current president showed unmistakable signs of inadequacy. Since June 28, rumors have been circulating of a possible change in the Democratic Party nominee, given that Joe Biden seems increasingly inadequate for a new mandate, due to age, fatigue, and possibly health limitations.

But the president isn’t giving up, despite the growing number of Democratic voices against his candidacy. He sent a letter to his party colleagues in Congress, reiterating that he refuses to end the campaign and shift responsibility: “Despite all the rumors, I am firmly convinced that I will stay in the race, I will run to the end, and I can beat Donald Trump,” Italian newspaper La Stampa reported, quoting Biden. “There are 42 days until the convention and 119 days until the election. The lack of clarity will help Trump and weaken us. The time has come to unite and defeat him. The issue of how to move forward has been largely debated for over a week now, and it’s time to put an end to it.”

If anyone might have wondered about second thoughts by the 81-year-old 46th President of the United States, they would probably be disappointed, given that instead of surrendering, Biden is throwing down a challenge: “If you think I shouldn’t run, then run against me. Go ahead and declare that you want to be presidents. Challenge me at the convention,” he explained on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program.

The third point of the “counterattack” was to meet with donors, whom he asked not to abandon the game. Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that a Parkinson’s disease specialist (Kevin Cannard) has been received once a month for the past eight months at the White House.