Biden Promotes Electric Cars: Over 50% by 2032

In the campaign for the next US presidential election, the electric car will be among the main protagonists: Biden sets new emissions limits for vehicles, while Trump promises to repeal all of them if elected.

On March 20, the US administration announced emissions limits on cars and trucks that will push the market toward electric vehicles, although the measures are less radical than previously announced.

The goal now is to reduce emissions from the entire vehicle fleet by nearly 50% by 2032 compared to 2026, but manufacturers will be given more flexibility. In any case, the goal is to sell more than 50% electric or low-emission (hybrid) vehicles by 2032. Meanwhile, the EPA has determined that 60% of new cars must be electric by 2030, an unrealistic goal given that in 2023 the percentage was only 7.6%. Then there are the technical deadlines associated with repurposing factory production and creating charging stations (2 million would be needed).

According to what Paolo Mastrolilli reports in an article in the Italian newspaper Repubblica, the concessions made to manufacturers are aimed at not losing consensus in some key states, such as Michigan, the cradle of the US auto industry, where Trump is playing the card of resistance to overly stringent “green policies.” At the same time, the incumbent winks at environmentalists, a crucial component of his electorate.