Biden Wins Convincingly in Democratic Party Primary in South Carolina

And the 81-year-old president is promising his constituents: “I will defeat Trump again.”

It was Joe Biden’s triumph in the Democratic Party primary in South Carolina, where the President of the United States received 96.6% of the vote and, as the American press writes today, “is flying toward the Democratic Party nomination.” In November, the United States and the entire world will likely see Biden challenge Donald Trump again.

After the results were announced, Biden thanked the people of South Carolina and above all the African-American electorate that allowed Biden to take a seat in the Oval Office of the White House four years ago. “The people of South Carolina,” the president of the United States exulted, “have spoken, and I have no doubt that they have put us on the path to another presidential election victory and another victory over Donald Trump.”

Biden emphasized the progress the U.S. economy has made in recent years: “We’ve come a long way in the last four years, and now America has the strongest economy in the world and the lowest inflation of any great economy. Let’s keep moving forward. Let’s finish what we started together.”

And partly responding to the US president’s statements, Donald Trump said he knew that the economic and especially financial authorities at the Federal Reserve “favor Democrats.” Trump criticized Fed chief Jerome Powell, whom the former president himself appointed to head the U.S. central bank in 2017. In an interview with FOX News, Trump said he believes Powell will “lower interest rates to help the Democrats.” The former president promised to change the head of the Fed if he is re-elected president.

And Biden couldn’t help but recognize that in 2024, “the stakes in this election couldn’t be higher.” It’s no coincidence that the Democratic Party, unlike the Republicans, gave the go-ahead for its primary not in New Hampshire, as tradition dictates, but specifically in South Carolina, where Biden – after months of polls showing a growing share of disillusioned black voters – was able to personally test his popularity among the African-American electorate. The next stop for Democrats will be February 6 in Nevada, followed by the Democratic caucuses in Michigan on February 27.