Blackstone is the First Fund to Exceed One Trillion Dollars in Assets Under Management

The American Blackstone Foundation manages $1,000 billion in assets. This is a record high in the category, which the New York-based company achieved in the second quarter of 2023, while the “trillion” threshold had previously been set for 2026.

The evolution of assets under Blackstone management has developed over time from $940.8 billion last year to $991.3 billion in the first quarter of 2023, eventually surpassing the $1,000 billion mark.

This was reported by Steven A. Schwarzman, President and CEO, “Blackstone has become the first alternative asset manager to reach $1 trillion in assets under management. This important milestone reflects the exceptional trust we have established with our investors based on results, as well as our unique position as innovators. We believe that this is only the first stage of long-term growth.”

Blackstone manages investments on a global basis through direct investment, equity, real estate, private and cash loans, infrastructure, life sciences, government securities, and secondary funds.