China and Russia Get Closer

The two countries have created a “new model” of relations. Meanwhile, China's relations with the USA have deteriorated

China and Russia have strengthened their historical ties in all spheres: politics, economy, trade, and culture. In recent years, the two great powers have managed to create a “new model” of relations. As Chinese diplomatic chief Wang Yi told at a press conference on Thursday, March 7, on the sidelines of the annual session of the Chinese parliament, “this new model is based on non-alignment, non-confrontation, and does not target third countries.” In 2023, the trade turnover between Russia and China exceeded 240 billion dollars.

“Beijing,” the head of Chinese diplomacy also emphasized, “facing an unstable and complicated international environment, wants to be a force for peace, stability, and progress in the world.” Wang also said his country was opposed to any “hegemony and intimidation.”

On the other hand, referring to the United States, Wang said relations between the two countries have deteriorated in recent years due to the United States’ ties with Taiwan and trade tensions that could be defined as a “trade war,” as well as due to rivalry in new technologies.