China: Biden’s Judgments are Absurd and Irresponsible

Chinese authorities are outraged by US President Joe Biden’s statements about Xi Jinping, branding the Chinese leader as a “dictator.” Beijing: The US President insulted our political dignity.

The judgments of Joe Biden, who branded Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “dictator” during a recent campaign appointment, are “absurd and irresponsible” and violate China’s “political dignity.”

This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning during a daily briefing in Beijing for journalists from Chinese and international media.

“China wants to express its deep disappointment and strong disagreement with Biden’s words,” Mao said.

According to American newspapers, “the statement of the head of the White House came as a surprise to the presidential retinue.” And that’s because Biden’s accusation came almost a day after US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s three-day visit to Beijing to “build bridges with China” where he was received at the highest political level by Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gan, director of the Commission. Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China Wang Yi and Chairman Xi Jinping himself.