China Wants to Strengthen Cooperation with Arab States in Innovation, Finance, Energy, Trade

Chinese President Xi Jinping: “Let's accelerate the creation of a community with a unified future”

Costellazione dei satelliti della rete BeiDou

China is very interested in strengthening cooperation with the Arab world in five strategic sectors ranging from innovation, finance, energy, economy, and trade. Moreover, Beijing wants to promote cross-cultural exchanges with Arab states. The plan, unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping in his speech at the opening session of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum starting Thursday, May 30 in Beijing, aims to “accelerate the building of a community with a shared future.”

The first of the “five frameworks of cooperation” outlined by President Xi Jinping concerns technology innovation: China has invited Arab countries to set up “ten joint laboratories” in the sectors of healthcare, artificial intelligence, green technology development, modern and sustainable agriculture, space and information technology. The program also includes cooperation in sectors that will be involved in “space debris surveillance.” Arab countries are invited to participate in the development of the BeiDou Navigation and Positioning Satellite System (BDS). The BDS system was designed, built, and operated by China independently of the GPS system, in order to meet the needs of national security, as well as the country’s economic and social development. As the national space infrastructure, BDS provides persistent, all-weather, highly accurate positioning, navigation, and synchronization services to users worldwide. Beijing said it would prioritize cooperation with countries in the Arab world in aerospace and artificial intelligence.