China: “We Do Not Accept Criticism or Pressure in Relations with Moscow”

China's important clarification after Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's visit to Beijing

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The results of the visit to Beijing of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was received by Chinese President Xi Jinping, exceeded all expectations. The Kremlin got exactly what it wanted to hear from Chinese leaders.

China will not accept “criticism or pressure” regarding its relations with Russia: both countries “have the right to engage in normal political, economic, and trade cooperation.” This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning after Lavrov’s departure for Moscow. “Cooperation between China and Russia should not be hindered. Beijing does not tolerate criticism and pressure,” the Chinese diplomatic spokeswoman emphasized.

Earlier during talks with Lavrov, his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi said that China-Russian relations have “irreplaceable importance” for maintaining global strategic stability. “Maintaining and promoting the development of strong bilateral relations between China and Russia,” the Chinese foreign minister emphasized, “is a natural choice that serves the fundamental interests of the two peoples.”

Over the past two years, since the outbreak of the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, China has come under unprecedented pressure from the USA and its allies. They demand China to distance itself from the Kremlin and adhere to the strategy of political sanctions, economic and financial measures against Russia and openly condemn the political line of Russian President Vladimir Putin.