Coup in Niger: Chiani Proclaimed Himself Leader

Abdurahman Chiani proclaimed himself the new leader of Niger. The general, head of the Presidential Guard, appeared on national television Tele Sahel as the “head of the transitional government” of Niger.

Thus, Mohamed Bazoum, the president democratically elected in 2021, was ousted by Chiani, who attributed the coup to poor governance and deteriorating security in the country due to jihadist groups.

“The actions of the CNSP are motivated, on the one hand, by the sole desire to preserve our dear Motherland in the face of constant deterioration in our country’s security situation, without the overthrown authorities allowing us to see a real solution to overcome the crisis, and on the other hand, because of economic and social mismanagement,” Ciani said, according to Adnkronos. “The current approach to security has failed to provide security for the country, despite the heavy sacrifices of Nigeriens and the valuable support of partners.”

Bazoum is currently under arrest, and the national borders are closed. The coup d’état in Niger is just another one in Africa in recent years (Mali, Gambia, and Burkina Faso are other recent cases) in a particularly unstable region, i.e. the Sahel, due to jihadist cells linked to the Islamic State or with al-Qaeda. Another pawn of French influence in sub-Saharan Africa supposedly falls with Bazoum.