CR450, the Fastest Chinese Train in the World

China has presented test results for its latest ultrafast train capable of surpassing the speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

The ultrafast Chinese train with the technical abbreviation CR450, presented to the Chinese and international public, has achieved an extreme speed of 453 km per hour in the latest tests. According to daily Chinese newspaper Global Times that mentioned the China Railway Group, “The new-generation CR450 train represents a quantum leap and a milestone in the development of high-speed trains that will be faster, safer, more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient, and smarter.”

China Railways performed the final test first along the railway section from Fuqing to Qianzhou in Fujian Province, eastern China, and later the test train passed through the Highway Tunnel at a speed of 420 kilometers per hour.

During testing, all new technological components were subjected to very rigorous performance tests and demonstrated excellent results from all standpoints. In other words, the development of the technologically innovative project CR450, as the pilots say, is at the finish line, and soon the train will be able to operate not only in China, but also be exported to many other countries of the world, including the USA and Russia.

The CR450 train will typically run at a speed of 400 km per hour: the journey from Beijing to Shanghai will take only 2.5 hours, which is already half of the current travel time, and the trip from New York to Washington DC in the USA, which now takes three to four hours by car or train, could be reduced to just under 55 minutes. It will be possible to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg (600 km) in 1.5 hours.

At present, the maximum operational speed of trains in China is 350 kilometers per hour, which is also the highest rail speed in the world. The top speed for high-speed trains in Japan and France does not exceed 320 kilometers per hour.

The new Chinese train is casting itself as very “friendly” to the environment. China, like many other countries in the world, has promised to reduce harmful emissions, primarily carbon dioxide. This is a high-speed electric train that uses artificial intelligence components to increase its energy-efficiency and can serve as an effective alternative to air travel.

According to experts, the CR450 train will be able to massively and quickly increase the average travel speed of the entire Chinese railway network, since after certain modifications it will be able to utilize the existing infrastructure.