DPRK-Russia: Unprecedented 2-Day Summit Between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un

Moscow and Pyongyang intend to develop an alternative payment system free from Western control as part of efforts to take bilateral relations to a new level

Vladimir Putin e Kim Jong-Un

After a long private conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, an hour and a half of talks involving both government delegations took place at the Kumsusan Sun Palace in Pyongyang.

President Putin’s two-day state visit to Pyongyang came after a 24-year hiatus. Numerous previous summits, most recently last September, have been held on Russian soil. Putin’s previous trip to Pyongyang dates back to 2000, when Kim Jong Il, the father of current leader Kim Jong Un, was in power in North Korea. According to international observers, “the timing of the visit sends a clear signal from the Kremlin to the West immediately after the G7 meeting in Italy and the conference in Switzerland on Ukraine.” According to European media, “Putin is signaling to the G7 that he does not consider the condemnation of his deepening military ties with North Korea voiced at the Puglia summit to be legitimate. And he makes it clear to Kiev that he has no intention of starting peace talks on Zelensky’s terms.”

The main purpose of Putin’s visit is to strengthen security relations between the two nations. As the Kremlin expects, this topic will be reflected in various sections of the foundational treaty that the two leaders will sign at the end of the visit. An opinion piece signed by the Russian president and published by the official North Korean newspaper Rodong Sinmun includes a proposal to create an alternative trade and payment system designed to break down the wall of “illegitimate” Western sanctions against Pyongyang. In addition, Russia aims to supply North Korea with goods and especially products to ensure its food security.

“I am firmly convinced: with our joint efforts we will be able to bring bilateral cooperation to an even higher level,” the Russian head of state wrote. Both countries, Putin emphasized, are seeking to develop an alternative system of trade and payments that is not subject to the “illegitimate” restrictive measures of Western countries. In this context, Putin reiterated Russia’s intention to cooperate in building “a fair and indivisible” security structure in Eurasia.

L'arrivo di Vladimir Putin a Pyongyang

Vladimir Putin praised the “constant and unwavering” support for Russian policy, particularly with regard to Ukraine

At the start of talks with Kim Jong-un, the Russian president said he appreciated the firm support that North Korea guarantees Russia. “We highly appreciate your constant and unwavering support for Russian policy, particularly with regard to Ukraine,” Putin said, recalling that Russia, like North Korea, is fighting against decades of “imperialist policies” imposed by the United States. “I mean our struggle against the hegemonic policy imposed for decades, the imperialist policy of the USA and its satellite countries against the Russian Federation,” the Russian leader emphasized.

As for bilateral relations between the two countries, they are based on strong principles of equality and mutual respect. “Interaction between our countries is based on the principles of equality and respect for mutual interests,” Putin emphasized. Addressing Kim Jong-un, the Russian president said he was sincerely happy to take advantage of his invitation to visit the DPRK. “Russia and North Korea have been linked by strong friendship and close good neighborliness for many decades,” Putin said.

A fundamental document will be signed that will form the basis of relations between Russia and North Korea for many years to come

In order to bring relations between Moscow and Pyongyang to a new, much higher level, a fundamental document has been prepared that will form the basis of relations between Russia and North Korea for many years to come. “Last year, after your visit to Russia, we made significant progress in building our interstate relations. Today we have prepared a new fundamental document that will form the basis of our long-term relations,” the Russian President said.

According to the North Korean leader, relations between the Russian Federation and North Korea are entering a period of new prosperity. “Relations between our two countries are entering a period of great new prosperity that cannot even be compared to the period of Korea-Soviet relations in the last century,” Kim Jong-un said. The leader of North Korea expressed confidence that during Putin’s visit, “the fervent friendship between the two countries will be monolithically strengthened.” The North Korean leader warmly welcomed his guest at the beginning of the talks and noted that the current visit confirms the quality of Russian-Korean relations, which have entered a period of maximum development. According to Kim Jong-un, the visit is a “historic moment” and has a crucial “strategic significance” in the history of Russian-Korean relations. “I think the enthusiasm that the citizens of North Korea have shown for you once again confirms the real level of our relationship,” Kim Jong-un said.

Pyongyand dà il benvenuto a Vladimir Putin, il "migliore amico del popolo nordcoreano"

Kim Jong-un: “We appreciate Russia’s role in maintaining the strategic balance in the world”

In the current international situation, the North Korean leader praised Russia’s role in maintaining strategic balance at the global level and expressed full support for the military operation Russia is conducting in Ukraine. “The government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea appreciates the important mission and role of a strong Russian Federation in maintaining strategic stability and balance in the world, as well as expresses its full support and solidarity with the Government, Armed Forces, and people of Russia in conducting a special military operation in Ukraine to protect sovereignty, security interests, and territorial integrity,” Kim Jong-un emphasized.

In this context, North Korea intends to strengthen strategic cooperation with Russia and mutual exchanges in all sectors between the two countries. “Right now, the world situation is getting more complex and changing rapidly. In this situation, we intend to further strengthen strategic ties with Russia and the Russian leadership,” Kim Jong-un emphasized, assuring that North Korea “will unconditionally support all Russian policies.”