Ecuador: Another Politician Killed Before August 20 Elections

Ecuador is in chaos days before the August 20 elections. Just a few days ago, a presidential candidate was assassinated, now the turn came of a local politician.

Quito is in chaos, as criminal gangs are blackmailing the country where massacres have been taking place over the past six months. Yesterday, Pedro Briones, a member of former President Rafael Correa’s leftist Revolución Ciudadana party, was killed with two gunshots in front of the Church of San Mateo in Esmeraldes.

Over just a few weeks, he became the third politician to be killed after Agustín Intriago, the mayor of Manta, who died on July 26, and Fernando Villavicencio, a presidential candidate who died at the end of a rally in Quito on the night of August 10.

Organized crime and drug gangs are holding the country hostage, as it is becoming an important corridor for transporting cocaine destined for Europe and North America. The escalation of violence has resulted in 3,658 violent deaths just in the past six months. Throughout the year 2022, when 4,600 people died, the number of homicides has already doubled compared to 2021.