Egypt, Libya with South Africa: Genocide in Gaza

Meanwhile, the USA explains that it is wrong to talk about genocide and sees the “two-state solution” as the only one

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced its intention to support South Africa at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In January, South Africa presented a case in The Hague, Netherlands, the headquarters of a tribunal on alleged Israeli violations of the Genocide Convention, which the country itself ratified in 1950. Egypt and Libya are siding with Pretoria, as confirmed by the country’s embassy in the Netherlands.

The decision, as explained in a statement by the Egyptian ministry, “comes in light of the growing brutality and the scale of Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians in Gaza, as well as the systematic actions committed against Palestinians, such as direct attacks on civilians, the destruction of infrastructure in Gaza, and the displacement of Palestinians – circumstances that have created an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.” Egypt will then invite Israel to implement the measures that the ICJ has already indicated, that is, to guarantee access to humanitarian aid and support, and to call for immediate action on a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, in the USA, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan reiterated that he did not consider “what is happening in Gaza to be genocide.”

At the same time, Sullivan explained that he continues to push for a truce and an agreement to release the hostages: “The world should tell Hamas to come back to the negotiating table.” And then about the future: “A two-state solution is the only one possible,” reiterating that US support, minus Joe Biden’s recent positions, is “unwavering.”