EU: Final Green Light for Artificial Intelligence Act

It is the first global law designed to regulate the use of artificial intelligence

The European Council has unanimously given the final green light to the AI Act, the European law on artificial intelligence, which was approved by the European Parliament on March 13, 2024.

The law was created to regulate the development, placement on the market, and use of artificial intelligence systems in the European Union. It is the first in the world aimed at resolving this complex issue by defining a series of obligations and requirements for providers and developers of artificial intelligence systems to protect the public. To this end, different risk ranges (unacceptable, high, limited, and minimal) and areas of application for individual systems are defined. The rules would begin to apply – with various exceptions – two years after enactment, set for June 2024.

Brussels’s intention is to find a way that can meet the global technology challenge by ensuring transparency and accountability, while at the same time ensuring that European innovation is stimulated.