European Chip Act: New Invest-ments in Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Poland

The “chip war” is a hot topic these days, after the US and the Netherlands have tightened their exports of equipment, and China did the same with their main raw materials – Gallium and Germanium.

In the meantime, the European Union is implementing the “Chip Law” that will come into force in autumn, “but is already gaining extraordinary momentum: since we proposed it in February last year, more than 90 billion euros of industrial investments have already been announced in Europe,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, according to Ansa.

Important investments in the amount of €12 billion and €30 billion respectively are intended for Poland and Germany (Magdeburg and Dresden), but investments are also being made in Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Catania), and France (Grenoble).

The European Chip Law plans to double continental chip production with billions of dollars of investments by 2030, with the aim to become independent of supplies outside the EU.