France, June 30 Election, Bardella: “We Are Ready to Govern”

The far-right Rassemblement Nationale (National Rally) party is the favorite in the polls

France returns to the polls on June 30 in early elections called by President Emmanuel Macron. All eyes are on Jordan Bardella, the wunderkind of French politics who, in his 28th year, is president of the scandalous far-right Rassemblement Nationale (RN) party, a big favorite for the tour.

“We are ready to govern,” Bardella explained in a statement published by Italian news agency ANSA, “I say this solemnly to our compatriots, the National Rally is the only movement that can now reasonably implement the aspirations clearly expressed by the French. To put it in a nutshell, we’re ready.”

Macron dissolved the House on June 9 after National Rally won the European elections, and today Marine Le Pen’s party is leading in the polls for the legislative elections.

“I offer the only credible and responsible alternative to change the country, we are the only Republican bulwark against the extreme left of Jean-Luc Melanchon,” Bardella stated according to Lapresse reports, also explaining the refusal to send French soldiers and long-range missiles to Ukraine, a clear departure from Macron’s foreign policy. And again, about Palestine: “Recognizing it would be tantamount to recognizing terrorism,” explaining that the two-state solution, always supported by National Rally, is currently an impracticable solution.

On immigration, the party intends to use a strong fist, eliminating Ius soli (“right of the land”) and reinstating as a crime illegal residence, also saying that the state’s strategic positions will be reserved only for “100% French” citizens.

Finally, Bardella explained that he only wants to become prime minister if there is an absolute majority: “We agree to form a government if we have the legitimacy to do so and if we have an absolute majority,” he explained, “I want the government to be able to accomplish that, and to accomplish that, I need a majority.”

The ball is on the side of the voters going to the polls on June 30 and July 7, 2024.