France, Marine Le Pen: “In Case of Victory, We Will Make a Government of National Unity”

A Rassemblement Nationale representative denounces the dark agreements between Republicans and Macronists that are going on behind the backs of Republican voters

Marine Le Pen con Jordan Bardella

Former Rassemblement Nationale (RN) party leader Marine Le Pen has promised the French people “a government of national unity” if her party wins early elections for the National Assembly on June 30 and July 7. Speaking at the movement’s conference held in Hénin-Beaumont (Nord-Pas-de-Calais region), Le Pen raised “great hope among tens of millions of French people.”

According to her, “the real main theme of France’s early elections is the fight against radical and aggressive leftists who are encroaching on individual and public freedoms.” Le Pen criticized very harshly “all the crazy ideas and excesses typical of her leftist political opponents.”

Le Pen, who led the Rassemblement Nationale for many years, handed over the reins of the party to her Algerian-Italian follower, Jordane Bardella. Less than three weeks before the crucial vote, public polls confirm the RN’s growing popularity among voters.

A representative for the RN party called for the creation of “a large commission to audit public spending,” arguing that “the situation is not fatal, but is the result of political choices that have been made for some thirty years.” Marine Le Pen condemned the supposed “comprehensive alliance” of Republicans with the Macronists. “It’s a real disgrace,” she said, “all of this is going on behind the backs of Republican voters.”