French Team Discovers Innovative Hydrogen Storage Method

It involves storing hydrogen in the form of a solid disk – a method that will make it safer and easier to store and transport

One of the many problems associated with establishing hydrogen as clean energy is the issue of storage. One of the methods being studied is the development of geological deposits, but a French research group has launched a new method that looks extremely promising.

It involves storing hydrogen in the form of a solid disk, a method that would make it safer and easier to store and transport.

Hydrogen is a gas, so it takes up more space than fossil fuels; in addition, a large amount of energy is required not only for production (by the way, hydrogen can be defined as green only if it is obtained from renewable sources), but also for compression, storage, and subsequent release at the right pressure.

The revolutionary method developed by an interdisciplinary team consisting of Patricia de Rango, Daniel Frouchard, Albin Scheize, Michel Jean, and Natalia Scriabina uses magnesium hydride mixed with metal additives and graphite to compress hydrogen into solid disks that can then be easily stored in specially designed containers. This method is clearly functional because it uses less energy for the various state transitions. In addition, these discs are stable and safe even when exposed to fire.

The research was conducted at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), and the team won the 2023 European Inventor Prize for this research.