From White House Sanctions and Prosecutions of China-Linked Hackers

Washington will pay several million dollars in exchange for information on cybercriminals

The frontline of the technological war waged by the USA against China is widening. As reported by the American television CNN, citing “some very informed sources,” the administration of President Joe Biden is preparing a kind of “impeachment,” in which it will have to “nail” some hackers suspected of involvement in organizing “cyberattacks against American companies and government agencies on behalf of Chinese intelligence.”

According to CNN, a formal announcement is expected “any day now,” “with the names and photos of some of the hackers.” In addition, the US government will announce “several indictments and new sanctions,” as well as a multi-million-dollar reward program in exchange for information on cybercriminals who “acted on behalf of Beijing’s Ministry of State Security.”

The indictment by the United States was prepared in close cooperation between the CIA, FBI, and Britain’s MI6 secret service, as the United Kingdom government prepares to announce similar measures.