Gaza: US-Built Pier Already Unusable

Washington's intention was to facilitate access to aid in Gaza

Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore (JLOTS), a temporary pier built by the United States off the coast of Gaza, is no longer usable.

Many thought it was not really a good idea (as was organizing the delivery of aid by air). Recent storms have proven right the opponents of the project, which the US military estimates cost about $320 million. The pier construction was announced by Joe Biden in an address to the nation in March. It was completed (belatedly) only on May 16. Thus, the pier has operated for only a few days.

The storm damaged the pier, which is no longer operational. In particular, damage was inflicted on a large platform that allows ships to dock at sea, where humanitarian aid is reloaded onto smaller vessels and then transported to land via a jetty, which was also damaged. Now we’ll have to work on rebuilding the structure for a few days. So far, the wavy sea has prevented work.

“Unfortunately, there was a ‘perfect storm’ at sea,” Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh explained to CBS Television. “It will be fully ready in a week or so.”

Humanitarian aid arrives in Cyprus by cargo ships. There it is checked by Israeli personnel. The cargo is then sent to the Gaza Strip, left at the raid, and reloaded onto a large platform. The US Army estimates that it delivers 150 truckloads of humanitarian aid to the Strip in this way every day.