Germany: Electric Vehicle Sales Fall 30.6% in May 2024

German Automobile Association: “It is wrong to impose duties on Chinese electric cars”

Hildegard Mueller

New electric car registrations in Germany are in free fall. According to data released on June 5 by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), sales of new electric vehicles in May 2024 fell sharply by 30.6% compared to the previous month. But sales continue to grow for “traditional” gasoline (+2.1%) and diesel (+3.2%) cars. There were 236,425 vehicles registered in May, down 4.3% from the same month last year.

Meanwhile, controversy is brewing over the EU’s policy on Chinese electric car exports to Europe. According to the German Automobile Association (VDA), the possible imposition of punitive or even prohibitive duties on imports of Chinese electric cars by the European Union would be a “big mistake.” As the president of the Association Hildegard Mueller stated, “it is wrong to believe that tariffs can protect us from a lack of competitiveness. Tariffs will lead to an increase in fares. We have poor location conditions and excessive costs, and these aspects are making us increasingly uncompetitive and should be considered and addressed.” President Mueller also called on the German government to play a more active role in “protecting” the German automobile market: “Germany, an exporting country, is under a lot of pressure within the European Union. That’s why we need a strong German national policy that actively addresses trade issues in the interests of German producers,” Mueller said.