Germany: for AfD Party, Zelensky is in Power Only as “President of War and Pleading”

German MPs from the Alternative for Germany and Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance parties boycotted Zelensky's speech in the Bundestag

Frauke Petry, una delle leader dell'AfD

After winning European elections in all the federal states of East Germany, the former GDR, and coming second in the country as a whole, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has expressed a negative attitude towards Berlin’s policy on Ukraine and personally on President Zelensky, whose presidential mandate expired on May 21.

Alternative for Germany parliamentarians, supported by Sahra’s Wagenknecht’s Union (Bündnis Sahra Wagenknecht, BSW) party, did not show up at the Bundestag (German parliament) for Zelensky’s speech. In a press release, BSW wrote that “Zelensky is currently contributing to an extremely dangerous escalation spiral. In doing so, he assumes the risk of nuclear conflict. The Ukrainian president’s policy, according to many international observers, is based on an open escalation of the war and the immediate involvement of NATO in the conflict. We consider such an attitude irresponsible.”

Even for AfD, Zelensky “is in office only as president of war and pleading,” given that “his mandate expired on May 21,” Alternative for Germany party leaders Alice Weidel and Tino Chrupalla told reporters in Berlin after party members boycotted Zelensky’s speech in the German parliament. “For this reason, we refuse to listen to a speaker in camouflage,” Weidel and Chrupalla stated.

According to the latest figures, AfD has won more than 27% of voter support in the eastern federal states and 16% nationally. The exceptional result will allow the AfD to control 15 seats in the European Parliament. “We are the second most influential political force in the country, and that is what I expected. Moreover, we are the party that got the most votes in the East. This result shows us that in general voters have become much more critical of the European Union, which is very, very positive,” emphasized Alice Weidel.