Great Britain: Nigel Farage Addresses Zelensky

To save Ukraine from collapse, a peace agreement with President Vladimir Putin is needed immediately

Nigel Farage

Videos that show users daily walks through the historic center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, are very popular on YouTube. Just few artifacts remind about the tragic events of the 2014 Maidan coup or the bloody conflict that has been going on for almost two and a half years in the eastern part of the country. A giant poster, written for some unknown reason in English, commemorating the Battle of Mariupol, a tank, apparently Russian, and that’s it.

But there is one aspect that is really striking: the almost complete absence of men on the streets. There are plenty of women and girls, but the fingers of one hand are enough to count the boys and men encountered during a 20-30 minute walk. And all because recruiting offices organize daily raids to replenish “the combat ranks” of the Ukrainian armed forces with men.

In this situation, the leader of the Reform UK party and Eurosceptic called on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to immediately seek a peace agreement with Russia, “otherwise there will be no young men left in Ukraine.” Earlier, Farage pointed the finger at the West, accusing it of “provoking the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.”

According to Farage, “it’s time for Zelensky to reconsider his goal of regaining all the territory lost to the Russian military operation” because it is “incredibly difficult, virtually impossible.” In a way, “I’m seen as Putin’s defender, though I’m certainly not. What has happened in Ukraine is reprehensible,” said the leader of the Reform UK party.