Guatemala: New President Arevalo’s Party Suspended

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Guatemala suspended the Movimiento Semilla party, calling it “illegal.”

This is the same political formation whose representative, Bernardo Arevalo, just won the election on August 20 with 59% of the vote against 36% of his rival Sandra Torres from the UNE party.

The news was announced by Arevalo himself at a press conference that was also attended by the new Vice President Karin Herrera. The President-elect called the measure “completely unlawful,” explaining that “there is political persecution taking place with the illegal use of the justice system and judicial institutions against Movimiento Semilla and our candidacy.”

The suspension of a political movement ordered by criminal judge Fredy Orellana is linked to an alleged case of forged signatures in 2018. The loser candidate Sandra Torres denounced electoral fraud a few hours ago. Already between the first round and the vote, Movimiento Semilla was suspended due to alleged violations, but then it was reinstated by the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, security measures have been tightened for Arevalo and his deputy, who are due to take office next January.