Haiti: International Mission Arrives in Three Weeks

This was stated by Kenyan Prime Minister Ruto following his trip to the USA

It seems a start date has finally been set for a multinational mission, already approved by the United Nations in October 2023, to go to Haiti to support the local police.

For months now, the country has been battling criminal gangs that perpetuate violence and abuse and have formed veritable armies that have laid siege to the capital Port-au-Prince. The latest news concerns the three missionaries killed on May 24.

Kenyan President William Ruto (the African country will lead the contingent) told the BBC that the formation should arrive in Port-au-Prince “in about three weeks.” Ruto also explained that a group of people were already in Haiti to plan an intervention along with the local police.

“At the moment, the team is already in Haiti,” were Ruto’s words to the BBC. “This will give us an idea of how things are on the ground, the opportunities available, the infrastructure in place. Once we agree on an assessment with the police and Haitian leadership, we expect to be ready to deploy in about three weeks, once everything is in place on the ground.”

Already a few months ago, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called life in Haiti “a real nightmare,” and despite talk of these forces supporting the country, the actual start of the operation has been postponed due to delays. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ariel Henry was forced to leave the country in March 2024 and, while abroad, discussed this armed aid as gangs took control of the airport. A new transitional government has therefore been set up and is counting on UN assistance to restore order and bring the country to elections.

Countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, including Benin, Chad, Bangladesh, the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Barbados, will also participate in the UN force. Ruto explained that the infrastructure where the contingent will be stationed is 70% ready, but weapons and vehicles are not yet available.