Hamas Ready to Accept Biden’s Peace Offer

The US plan is divided into three phases and calls for a “permanent ceasefire”

The green light for the US peace proposal was given by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which welcomed President Joe Biden’s call for a “permanent ceasefire” in Gaza, “Israeli withdrawal from Gaza,” and “reconstruction and prisoner exchange.”

Al Jazeera TV reported that Hamas leaders said they were ready to respond “positively and constructively” to any proposal that includes the measures mentioned by Biden, as well as the return of displaced Palestinians to their homes in Gaza, if Israel also “explicitly commits” to it.

Biden’s plan is divided into three main phases. The first involves a six-week ceasefire, during which Israeli forces will withdraw from population centers in Gaza. Israeli hostages held there will be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners. Palestinian refugees will be able to return to Gaza, including its northern part. In this first phase, 600 trucks will have to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza every day.

In the second phase, Hamas and Israel will discuss the terms of a final cessation of hostilities. The final phase includes a plan for the reconstruction of Gaza and a long-term political peace solution.

International media emphasize that the new peace proposal put forward by Biden differs from previous proposals in that “the truce will continue as long as the parties pass all three phases.” Biden said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would support the deal. Hamas was informed of the offer through Qatar, a mediator that has relations with both Palestinian militants and the United States.