High-Speed Trains: Maxi-Contracts Coming to the Italian Section

Despite the ongoing protests and anticipated further delays in completion, construction sites at the Turin-Lyon line continue to operate. The next few weeks will be especially important because a tender will be announced to excavate the base tunnel that covers 12 kilometers of works in Italy. In addition, a tender will be organized for the railway equipment of the border section.

This latest contract alone is worth 3 billion euros and will be a clear step forward in turning the work into a “real railway.” This was reported by Maurizio Bufalini, Telt Managing Director, who was interviewed by ANSA during today’s meeting at the Industrial Union of Turin.

“We are going through a very important moment of great acceleration of the project,” Bufalini explained. “This is a very large contract that opens up many opportunities for the business world and for the territory. We are currently in the excavation phase of the entire French section and hope to launch a tender for a base tunnel in Italy in July. The first of seven drills that will dig the tunnel are also on their way. 2000 people are already working with us, and we will reach 4000; the passage of the first train is scheduled for 2033.”