Indian Prime Minister Modi: World Already Lives in Multilateralism

The fact should be accepted: “World, we already all live in an era of multilateralism.” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated this in an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times.

In an apparent reference to India’s pragmatic foreign policy driven by “national interests,” Modi said, “The world is interconnected and interdependent. This reality forces us to recognize that absolute agreement on all issues cannot be a prerequisite for cooperation.”

In this context, India continued to tighten relations with Western countries, from the US, to Canada, to the UK, as well as with Russia, but took a “harder stance towards China,” with which New Delhi “has a long-standing border dispute.”

During its G20 presidency, India sought to offer the world an alternative to the status quo, moving from “GDP-centric” progress to “people-centric” progress. India wanted to remind all citizens of the planet what unites us, not what divides us.