Iran Criticizes IAEA Resolution

Tehran: “Submitting a resolution against a grieving country goes beyond the possible norms of diplomatic procedure and protocol”

The June 5 resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors in Vienna is “hasty and unwarranted.” This was reported by Iran’s mission to the UN.

The board of governors of the IAEA, a UN agency, has passed a resolution formally calling Iran “to account” after its refusal to cooperate in accelerating its nuclear program. The text of the resolution, submitted by London, Paris, and Berlin, was approved by 20 of the 35 countries, with the USA initially resisting for fear of escalating tensions in the Middle East. Russia and China voted against; 12 countries abstained.

“The decision of Western countries was hasty and unjustified and will undoubtedly have a destructive impact on the process of diplomatic interaction and constructive cooperation,” the mission wrote in a press release, emphasizing that “the submission of the resolution against the country that recently entered into official mourning over the tragic death of its president and foreign minister goes beyond the possible norms of diplomatic procedure and protocol.”

In Tehran’s view, “fomenting political confrontation in such a special and sensitive context is clearly unproductive for international efforts, aimed at resolving the Iranian nuclear issue.” Iran issued a warning to the IAEA, emphasizing that “to reach an agreement on the nuclear issue, the necessary time and space should be provided so that more constructive efforts can be made, thus creating a positive atmosphere for political dialogue and basic cooperation.”