Iran, Raisi: “SCO And BRICS Contribute To Cooperation Between Countries”

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has been in South Africa in recent days, where he took part in the summit of BRICS that will also include the Islamic Republic and five more new countries.

“The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and BRICS were created to promote cooperation between countries and help them progress while respecting their independence,” Raisi explained, stressing that these new organizations “are totally opposed to unilateralism.”

Raisi also clarified that Iran will take the formal steps necessary for the real entry into BRICS. “The global hegemonic system is trying to prevent independent states, including Iran, from growing by means of relations with other independent countries,” Raisi said, according to China’s Xinhua news agency. “BRICS plays an effective role in developing trade and economic cooperation between countries in an important part of the world that accounts for a significant share of the world’s population and gross domestic product.”

Mohammad Jamshidi, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian President for Political Affairs, also spoke about Iran’s entry into BRICS in a note on X (former Twitter), “Having taken the historic step, the Islamic Republic of Iran becomes a permanent member of BRICS. A strategic victory for Iran’s foreign policy. Congratulations to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and the great nation of Iran.”