Israel: Gantz Resigns from War Cabinet

Israeli politician calls for elections in October, Netanyahu can count on Ben Gvir's Jewish Forces for support anyway

“I leave with a heavy heart. We will not win this war as we planned. Netanyahu is preventing us from moving toward real victory.”

With these words, Israeli War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz resigned.

According to Israeli media reports, Gantz explained at a press conference: “We formed an emergency government, then fate made this partnership possible, not politics. A few months after the disaster, the situation has changed both in the country and in decision-making places. Netanyahu and his partners have reduced unity to enthusiastic appeals. In reality, strategic decisions are uncertain and delayed for political reasons.” He then continued: “Today we leave the emergency government with a heavy heart, but without loss. It is appropriate to hold the autumn election that would finally lead to a government that has the confidence of the people. I call on Netanyahu to set an agreed date for the elections and not allow our people to quarrel.”

For his part, Netanyahu appealed to Gantz to stay. According to him, “Israel is fighting an existential war on several fronts. Benny, now is not the time to give up, it’s the time to join forces.” In a post on his online X account, he noted that the door to returning to the government would remain open “for any Zionist party willing to take a share of responsibility, help defeat enemies, and ensure the safety of citizens.”

One way or another, Gantz’s move will not weaken the executive branch, which can count on the support of the far right. Itamar Ben-Gvir, leader of the Jewish Forces party and Minister of National Security, asked to join the military cabinet. “I have asked the Prime Minister to be part of the downsized Cabinet. The time has come to make bold decisions, to achieve true deterrence, and to provide security for the people of the south, the north, and Israel as a whole,” he wrote in X.