Local Elections in Serbia: New Important Victory for Aleksandar Vucic

The Progressivist-led coalition became the leading political force in the entire Balkan country

Aleksandar Vucic

The coalition led by the Progressive Party of Serbia (SNS) won the highest number of votes in the June 2 local elections in almost all cities, municipalities, and other local governments in the country. Among the most important is the success of the progressives in the capital Belgrade. According to the Central Election Commission, in the elections of Belgrade City Assembly councilors, the list “Aleksandar Vucic – Belgrade Sutra,” to which the SNS party belongs, “received 52.9% of preferences.”

Immediately following the announcement of the local elections results, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who led the SNS for 11 years before handing over the post to Milosh Vucevic in May 2023, said the SNS result in Belgrade “surpasses previous administrative elections.” During a meeting with SNS activists, Vucic emphasized that “progressives” will control 63 seats out of 110 in the Belgrade City Assembly, compared to the previous 54. “We are entering a new era,” Vucic said. “The Coalition has been given a clear mandate to deliver everything we have proposed to voters in terms of the reforms, the changes our society needs. We should hold the Expo 2027 trade fair at its best, and that means not only organizational and structural preparations for what will happen in Belgrade, but also throughout Serbia.”

In addition to the capital, SNS progressives also made big gains in elections in Novi Sad (53.1%) and Nis (44.5%), Serbia’s second and third largest cities respectively.