Macron: “Nobody Wins, Let’s Build a Solid France”

After the July 7 election, the president sent a message to the French in which he addressed the nation and “all forces that believe in republican institutions”

Emmanuel Macron returned to speak to the French after legislative elections that marked a victory for the left-wing Popular Front coalition, which in any case does not have enough deputies to govern the country. He did this through a letter to citizens explaining the political situation in the country and appealing to the French.

“I ask all political forces that recognize themselves in republican institutions, the rule of law, parliamentarism, European orientation, and the defense of French independence to begin a sincere and loyal dialogue to create a lasting, necessarily, pluralist majority in the country,” says the letter, reported by various French media outlets.

After the election, the country was at a standstill: “Nobody has won,” and therefore no political force has a majority or coalition that can govern the country. Alliances between different parties are therefore necessary: “The nature of this election, marked by a clear demand for change and power sharing, compels it to create a broad caucus” that will have to be organized around “the great principles of the country, clear and shared Republican values” with a pragmatic political agenda that “will have to guarantee as much institutional stability as possible. It will unite women and men who, in the tradition of the Fifth Republic, put their country before their party, the Nation before their ambitions. What the French chose in the elections – a republican front – must be concretized by the actions of the political forces.”

The next prime minister will be chosen based on this, but it will take time for the various political forces to deliberate, and Macron expresses “hope in the ability of our political leaders to demonstrate a sense of harmony and appeasement in your interests and those of the whole country.”

Meanwhile, Macron refused to dismiss Prime Minister Attal, whom he had asked to remain in office to guarantee the country’s stability. The country that, among other things, will host the Games of the 33rd Olympiad in Paris 2024 in a few weeks from July 26 to August 11.