North Korea Launches New Missile After Apocalyptic Statements

Last night, North Korea fired another ballistic missile towards the Sea of Japan.

The ballistic-type munition was launched eastward over the Sea of Japan and then ended up in the sea outside the Japanese exclusive economic zone.

This is Pyongyang’s 12th launch in 2023, and it comes the next day after Kim Yo-Jong, Kim Jong-Un’s sister and his right hand, spoke of “shocking consequences” and predicted “terrifying unavoidable accidents” regarding alleged activities of USA spy planes over the territory of North Korea.

Additional threats have followed the arrival of a US submarine in South Korea in recent hours. This is a particularly delicate moment for the “hermit state,” given the full-swing preparations for a huge military parade in Pyongyang on the occasion of the July 27 holiday, the date of “freezing” the conflict (a truce lasting 70 years), which is celebrated in the north as a victory in the war of 1950-1953.