North Korea: Washington, Tokyo, Seoul Want to Create Asian NATO

North Korea sharply criticizes the joint drills between the USA, South Korea, and Japan. The training got the name “Freedom Edge.” It lasted three days and was part of the more classic South and US deterrence operations against Pyongyang with one major innovation: the addition of Japan.

As usual, North Korea’s response was sharp, and through its foreign minister, it said: “We will protect our national sovereignty and security interests, as well as regional peace through aggressive and overwhelming countermeasures,” reports KCNA, the official agency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. US efforts “to bring South Korea and Japan closer to NATO” will not be ignored, and Seoul’s attempts to supply arms to Ukraine “are an example of such efforts.”

The Freedom Edge allied operation was held on June 27-29 and involved Air Force and Navy units, including the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt. The purpose of the operation was to strengthen defenses against missiles, submarines, and air attacks.