Putin Also Wins in Italy

More than 4500 compatriots living in Italy took part in the Russian presidential election

Aleksej Paramonov

The counting of ballots in the Russian presidential election has been completed: Vladimir Putin won 87.28% of the vote. Voter turnout reached 77.44%, the highest result in the history of post-Soviet Russia.

Meanwhile, the Central Election Commission has published data on the results of voting in presidential elections abroad. In particular, Putin received a majority of votes from Russian citizens living in Italy. Russian citizens could vote on Sunday, March 17, the so-called “main election day” at four polling stations opened at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Rome, as well as at the Consulates General in Milan, Genoa, and Palermo.

In the Italian capital, 61.73% of voters cast their ballots for Putin. The incumbent head of state, who after a landslide victory will remain in power for another 6 years, until 2030, received 51.65% of the vote in favor in Milan, 70.86% in Genoa, and 73.47% in Palermo. According to the Russian Embassy in Rome, more than 4500 compatriots took part in the Russian presidential election in Italy. 1560 people voted in Rome, and 2247 voters cast their ballots in Milan. In addition, 532 people voted in Genoa, and 196 in Palermo.

In an interview with the TASS press agency, Russian Ambassador to Rome Alexei Paramonov warmly thanked the Italian authorities, who “unlike many other Western countries, from the very beginning did not interfere in neither the organization nor the conduct of the Russian presidential election in Italy.”

“Constructive engagement with authorities and law enforcement agencies of the Italian Republic was organized to prevent possible incidents or provocations, as well as to create a favorable and secure environment for voting,” said the head of the diplomatic mission.