Senegal: Faye Wins Election, “I Will Rule with Humility and Transparency”

From the opposition, recognition of the victory and satisfaction with the country’s democratic stability

Bassirou Diomaye Faye won Senegal’s election. The opposition leader, although official results are yet to be awaited, is already speaking as president, promising to govern “with humility and transparency.”

Outgoing President Macky Sall, who was at the center of controversy over an attempted institutional coup (he tried to postpone the election by triggering a crisis that then subsided, threatening to create chaos in one of Africa’s most stable countries), finally congratulated Faye on his victory. Earlier, congratulations also came from the majority coalition candidate, Amadou Ba. Following the unrest caused by the postponement of the election, former President Sall has not run for re-election after being elected twice, in 2012 and 2019, and, according to X social media, “welcomes regular elections. This is a victory for Senegalese democracy.”

The results, which are not yet final, show Faye leading with 53.7% of the votes, followed by Amadou Ba with 36.2%; the final results are expected to be announced on March 29.

“By electing me, the Senegalese people have decided to break with the past,” Faye said during his first outing. The winner of the election is considered an “anti-system” politician and enjoys broad support from the younger part of the population. “I promise to rule with humility and transparency.” Faye also explained that Senegal will be a reliable ally of “respectful” foreign partners. According to a report by Italian news agency ANSA, Faye said: “I would like to tell the international community, our bilateral and multilateral partners that Senegal will always maintain its position, remain a friendly country and a safe and reliable ally of every partner who will work with us in a virtuous, respectful, and mutually productive cooperation.”