Serbia: EU Invests Over €4 Billion Since 2014

The European Union is Serbia's main trading partner, which exports products worth about 20 billion euros per year to the association countries

Over the past 10 years, the European Union has invested more than 4 billion euros in Serbia. Community money has enabled the Balkan country to successfully implement more than 1500 infrastructure projects.

In addition to foreign direct investment (FDI), Brussels has provided Belgrade with more than €7 billion in subsidized loans. Such data were presented in a report prepared by Demostat Serbian research center. Thanks to grants and loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Serbian government has managed to reconstruct and modernize more than 1500 kilometers of highways and railroads. Since 2014, Brussels has been helping Serbia to develop agriculture and improve the quality of life in rural areas of the country. According to Demostat, more than 400 million euros have been invested in environmental protection.

The EU is also Serbia’s most important economic and trade partner, Demostat writes: Serbia’s exports to the EU currently reach 18-20 billion euros per year. European Union exports to Serbia account for 54% of total Serbian imports of goods and services.