Sicily to Host Italy’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Spanish group Iberdrola has signed an agreement with German company IB Vogt aimed at building an important photovoltaic project in Sicily, Italy.

The construction sites for the solar park are scheduled to open in March 2024; it will be a record 245 MW project, the largest in Italy. “The significance of this result becomes even more evident when we consider the situation in Italy, where only 60 photovoltaic plants exceed the capacity of 10 MW, with an average capacity of 26 MW,” says the Spanish company, also adding that future development could increase capacity by another 60 MW, bringing it to a total of 305 MW.

The plant will be equipped with 424,638 photovoltaic modules and will generate about 400 GWh per year – an amount of energy that will cover the needs of more than 140,000 homes, “saving” emissions of 119,000 tons of CO2. 500 workers will be involved in the construction of the plant, and more than 100 permanent jobs will be created upon completion. According to Iberdrola, it is one of “115 wind, photovoltaic, and storage projects in advanced stages of development totaling 5 GW.” The name of the plant will be Phoenix, and, although work is close to a “start,” the exact location for building the plant has not yet been specified.