Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Discharged from Hospital

Doctors thanked the prime minister for being “an obedient and very disciplined patient”

Robert Fico

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, the victim of a terrorist attack, has finally been discharged from the hospital. On May 15, Fico was placed in intensive care after being shot three times in the belly while greeting a crowd after a political event in the Slovak town of Handlova. Fico underwent two surgeries, and after more than two weeks of treatment, he was flown to his home in Bratislava, the capital of the Eastern European country, on May 31, where he will continue his rehabilitation.

Miriam Lapunikova, CMO of the F.D. Roosevelt Hospital in Banska Bistrica, where Fico was hospitalized, about 200 kilometers from Bratislava, thanked the Slovak prime minister “for being an obedient and very disciplined patient.”

In the meantime, the investigation into the attack continues. The only suspect so far is Juraj Cintula, a 71-year-old former security guard. Slovak authorities said the attack had “political motives” and are investigating to see if Cintula acted alone or had accomplices, as recent developments in the investigation appear to indicate.