Spain Ready to Recognize Palestinian State

This was announced by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during his visit to the Middle East in recent days

Pedro Sanchez will make Spain the first European country to recognize the Palestinian state. The prime minister explained this at an informal meeting with journalists, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported.

Back on March 9, Sanchez explained that Spain would recognize Palestine as a state, now he even said “before summer.” Again, according to El Pais, which cites diplomatic sources, Sanchez’s actions would not be limited to recognizing Palestine, but would also support its membership in the United Nations. During these hours, the leader is in the Middle East, where he will visit Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar; one of the goals is precisely to raise awareness about the future of the “two-state solution.”

This problem is particularly acute for Spain’s chief executive, who has already declared his intentions for Palestine in his inaugural speech in November 2023 regarding its recognition “within the framework of this legislature.” The problem is equally acute for the current government, which since the beginning of the conflict in Israel has been one of the most critical of the Israeli army’s excesses in response to the October 7 Hamas attack. Dialectic that led to a diplomatic mishap between Spain and Israel.

In the last week of March, Ireland, Malta, and Slovenia also said that they were ready to recognize Palestine, realizing, they explain, that this is the only way to achieve future peace.