Super Tuesday: Trump, Biden Dominate US Primaries

The former president lost only in Vermont, while the current White House leader lost in American Samoa

Donald Trump and Joe Biden expectedly dominated Super Tuesday, the key day in the Republican and Democratic primary elections, with 15 states voting on the same day.

Trump has regained the upper hand over his now sole rival Nikki Haley, fresh off a minor success in Washington DC. He won in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia. Haley’s only win came in the little state of Vermont, where she scored a consolation goal.

“It’s really super Tuesday,” Trump commented. “We did something no one has ever done before in history. The Republican Party is about to unite, it’s an awesome party. Our country is divided today, Biden is the worst president in history.” But Nikki Haley, who oddly enough didn’t let her rival win outright, explained in a statement that “unity cannot be achieved by simply stating ‘we are united.’ Today, in state after state, there remains a large group of Republican voters deeply concerned about Donald Trump.”

Biden’s victory is foreshadowed even more because he has no real opponent in the race for the Democratic nomination. The current president lost only in the small South Pacific state of Samoa, which was won by Jason Palmer, an entrepreneur also active in a nonprofit sector unknown to most.

Biden focused on the immediate future, explaining that “today’s results put the American people in front of a clear choice: we will continue to move forward or allow Donald Trump to drag us back into the chaos, division, and darkness that characterized his mandate.” The current president also explained that Trump is “determined to destroy our democracy, he will do or say anything to get into power.”

However, the numbers in the polls also prove that Trump is right: Biden faces growing distrust of him because of his age (81) and, among other things, his diffident management of the crises in Ukraine and the Middle East.