Taiwan Earthquake: Nuclear Power Plant Continues to Operate Properly

Magnitude 7.2 earthquake kills at least seven people, injures nearly 800

The nuclear power plant on Taiwan’s southern tip “continues to operate regularly” after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook land and sea off the island’s east coast. Taiwan’s Nuclear Safety Commission said the nuclear power plant, the only one operating out of three on the island, “did not suffer any damage.”

The epicenter of the earthquake was found 25 kilometers south of Hualian County, at a depth of 15.5 kilometers. The quake, the strongest to hit the island since 1999, was accompanied by several tremors and triggered tsunami warnings both in Taiwan and in neighboring countries, China and Japan. According to power company Taipower, there were power outages, but in the hours after the quake, “so far, power has been restored to 354,534 homes.” A total of 11,566 families are currently without power.

According to preliminary reports, the death toll from the strong earthquake so far stands at seven, while 736 residents of Hualian County have been injured. Rescue teams have already found and are working to free 77 people trapped under the rubble.