Tata: Huge Investment in UK Production of Batteries for Electric Vehicles

“Tata Group’s multi-billion-pound investment in the UK is a testament to the strength of our car manufacturing industry,” explained Rishi Sunak.

India’s Tata Group has announced a huge investment in the UK to build a battery plant for electric vehicles.

For a while, the Indian giant who owns the historic British brands Jaguar and Land Rover has been testing the soil for a place to build his Gigafactory. The choice that involves an investment of 4 billion pounds (4.6 billion euros) finally fell to the United Kingdom, also thanks to the support of the investment promised by the British government.

“Tata Group’s multi-billion-pound investment in a new battery factory in the UK is testament to the strength of our car manufacturing industry and its skilled workers,” said British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The goals are ambitious: to produce half of the batteries needed by the UK market by 2030. The positive consequences for the territory are quite impressive as well: the new Gigafactory will create 4,000 jobs. The factory will be built in Somerset, in the southwest of the country, where production should start in 2026.

At this point, Sunak did not open up all the details on the exact nature of the investment, but this operation is certainly strategic for Jaguar and Land Rover, given the importance for these car companies to have their own battery production in-house.